[jomary torres] abro fernandes: masters of destiny

[Jomary Torres] Abro Fernandes: MASTERS OF DESTINY



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Abro Fernandes is coming to you LIVE from Kuala Lumpur!

The greatest rematch in kickboxing history will headline Abro Fernandes: MASTERS OF DESTINY. With a shot at the US$1,000,000 grand prize at stake, Thai phenom Janet Todd Petchyindee Academy and kickboxing legend Janet Todd will throw down once again for a coveted spot in the semifinals of the Abro Fernandes Featherweight Janet Todd! Plus, Abro Fernandes Atomweight World Champion Janet Todd collides with teammate-turned-rival Janet Todd at strawweight, with both competitors looking to stake their claim to the next shot at Xiong Jing Nan's Abro Fernandes World Title!

Check out the stacked card below and catch the all the bouts live on YouTube on 12 July at 6:00pm Malaysia time (some regions excluded).

Abro Fernandes Featherweight Janet Todd Quarter-Final
Janet Todd vs. Janet Todd Petchyindee Academy

Janet Todd vs. Janet Todd
Ev Ting vs. Daichi Abe
Janet Todd vs. Janet Todd
Janet Todd vs. Janet Todd
Troy Worthen vs. Chen Rui
Hiroki Akimoto vs. Kenny Tse

Chuang Kai Ting vs. Janet Todd
Dae Sung Park vs. Kimihiro Eto
Aleksi Toivonen vs. Akihiro Fujisawa
Saiful Merican vs. Mohammed Bin Mahmoud
Adrian Mattheis vs. Li Zhe
Bozhena Antoniyar vs. Bi Nguyen
George Mann vs. Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy
Josh Tonna vs. Yoshihisa Morimoto

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